OECD Centres


The OECD is represented outside of Paris by Centres in Berlin, Mexico City, Tokyo, and Washington.

The Centres serve as regional contacts for the full range of OECD activities, from the sales of publications, to inquiries from the media, to liaison with governments, parliaments, business, labour and civil society. They help disseminate information regarding OECD activities, and serve to communicate priorities from member countries' capitals to OECD headquarters.

All OECD Centres have a videoconference programme to bring together members of the Secretariat in Paris and audiences in Centres' capitals, including executive branch officials, parliamentarians and their staff, members of the business community, labour, non-governmental organizations and journalists.

More specifically, the OECD Centres engage in:

Public outreach

The Centres raise the profile of OECD work in their capitals and regions in a variety of ways, including maintaining websites and producing newsletters that highlight items of particular interest in their countries, holding conferences, and translating OECD publications into the languages of their home countries.



The sale and promotion of OECD publications is one of the Centres' core activities. They initiate marketing activities, arrange for review copies for members of the media and help service clients who subscribe to OECD material.

Briefings and dissemination of information

Centre staff are in contact with diverse elements of the communities they serve, and can act as initial contact points for any area of work undertaken by the OECD. They can respond to simple requests for data, provide more detailed briefings on the functions and initiatives of the OECD, or arrange contact with specialists in Paris working in a particular field. Similarly, the Centres are contact points throughout their entire regions. The OECD's Berlin Centre is an interlocutor for those interested in the OECD from countries such as Austria, Switzerland and those in Eastern Europe. The Mexico Centre serves as a gateway to all of Latin America. The Tokyo Centre represents the OECD throughout Asia. The Washington Centre is also a liaison with Canada.


Media relations

Centres service all media requests for OECD information. They can respond to time-sensitive requests for information, arrange contacts with visiting members of the Secretariat, schedule videoconference briefings, or put you directly in touch with our experts in Paris.

Liaison with Parliaments

All of the Centres are in regular contact with parliamentarians and their staffs members. They regularly arrange briefings for OECD secretariat staff on mission and provide member country parliaments with updates on priority OECD activities.



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