• 13-October-2021


    Tax Policy and Climate Change: IMF/OECD Report for the G20

    This report focuses on carbon pricing, taking stock of current pricing patterns, identifying reform needs to meet mitigation pledges, impacts, and opportunities, and comprehensive approaches to address political economy concerns.

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  • 30-August-2021

    English, PDF, 2,769kb

    G20 report: Building Resilience – New strategies for strengthening infrastructure resilience and maintenance

    This report aims to provide a framework to optimise existing infrastructure assets and build new resilient infrastructure, including new strategies capable of ensuring quality and performance over the asset life-cycle.

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  • 24-August-2021

    English, PDF, 831kb

    G20 Culture note July 2021

    At the request of the 2021 G20 Italian Presidency to support the Culture Working Group, the OECD provided a note setting out actions to help put culture at the heart of a resilient recovery.

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  • 22-July-2021

    English, PDF, 1,625kb

    G20 report: Aligning short-term recovery measures with longer-term climate and environmental objectives

    This report has been prepared in support of the G20 Presidency of Italy and provides guidance to countries in designing green recovery packages, aligning recovery packages with climate objectives, establishing effective evaluation and monitoring frameworks, and strengthening innovation and R&D.

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  • 22-July-2021

    English, PDF, 2,155kb

    G20 report: Towards a more resource-efficient and circular economy - The role of the G20

    This Policy Guidance, prepared by the OECD at the request of the Italian G20 Presidency is intended for G20 Leaders, as well as Economic, Finance and Environment Ministries. Based on insights from across the G20 membership, this report presents possible elements of a common G20 policy vision on resource efficiency and the circular economy for different levels of government.

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  • 15-July-2021

    English, PDF, 2,143kb

    OECD-IEA update on recent progress in reform of inefficient fossil-fuel subsidies that encourage wasteful consumption 2021

    The OECD and the International Energy Agency traditionally provide update reports to the G20 on progress in phasing out fossil-fuel subsidies. Since the last progress report, several countries have committed publicly to carbon neutrality targets, consistent with the Paris Agreement. However, some have also increased subsidies as part of rescue and recovery packages to the pandemic-induced crisis. Revitalising G20 action ...

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  • 5-July-2021

    English, PDF, 1,308kb

    OECD Secretary-General Tax Report to G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors (Italy, July 2021)

    This report provides an update on the historic success of the Statement on a Two-Pillar Solution to Address the Tax Challenges Arising From the Digitalisation of the Economy adopted on 1 July 2021 by a majority of G20/OECD Inclusive Framework on BEPS members. It also includes a short update on the tax policy aspects of climate change and the progress made in support to developing countries in building sustainable tax systems.

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  • 4-May-2021


    G20 Rome Guidelines for the future of Tourism: OECD report to G20 Tourism Working Group

    At the request of the 2021 G20 Italian Presidency, the OECD developed in close co-ordination and consultation with the Italian G20 Tourism Working Group, a high level policy note setting out G20 Rome Guidelines for the future of tourism.

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  • 7-April-2021

    English, PDF, 2,488kb

    OECD Secretary-General Tax Report to G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors (Italy, April 2021)

    Reports on the latest developments in the international tax agenda. Outlines new reports on: tax measures introduced in response to COVID-19 (OECD); and tax policy and climate change (IMF/OECD). Provides an update on G20 tax deliverables including tax transparency, BEPS implementation, supporting developing countries, tax certainty and addressing tax evasion. Overviews ongoing work to address tax challenges arising from digitalisation.

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  • 26-February-2021

    English, PDF, 2,338kb

    OECD Secretary-General Tax Report to G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors (Italy, February 2021)

    In addition to an update on the progress we are making to address the tax challenges arising from the digitalisation of the economy, the report also provides an update on the other G20 tax deliverables (tax transparency, implementation of the BEPS measures and capacity building to support developing countries), which continue to produce successful results.

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