Innovation and Sustainable Growth in a Globalised World - Joint OECD-World Bank Conference


Venue: Room C, OECD Conference Centre
Date: 18-19 November 2008

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The publication Innovation and Growth: Chasing a Moving Frontier
presenting the conference papers is now available.


Preliminary Programme / Additional Background Reading

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Innovation is crucial to long-term economic growth. Making innovation-driven growth happen requires action on a wide range of policy areas, from education and science and technology to product and labour markets and trade.

OECD and the World Bank are joining forces to work more closely on innovation, particularly insofar as this issue is a crucial factor in the success of development policy, notably in middle income market economies.

Over the past two years, the World Bank has supported, along with others, the work of the Independent Commission on Growth and Development, chaired by Nobel Laureate, Michael Spence ( The report released during 2008 reinforces the importance of the Bank’s emphasis on long term growth strategies and highlights the role of innovation. Going forward, the Bank intends to further its diagnostic and advisory work on growth across a broad range of countries and to work with others to improve development knowledge not only of growth drivers, but also related areas of sustainability and inclusion that promote the growth process.

OECD has been conducting national innovation reviews of its member countries, and in recent years has reviewed innovation issues in major non-member economies including Chile, China, and South Africa, which helps draw comparative perspectives across advanced and rapidly developing economies. OECD is also a key provider of measurement methodologies, indicators, policy best practice and/or soft-law on many aspects of innovation including highly-skilled human resources, science and technology, research and development, biotechnology, and information and communication technologies.

Contact for more substantive information

Deniz Eröcal, OECD
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Vandana Chandra, World Bank
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