Réforme réglementaire

Accountability, Transparency, Participation: Key Elements of Good Governance


‌International Regulatory Reform Conference (IRRC), Berlin, 31 January – 1 February 2013


To improve the regulation of financial, energy and other markets, over 300 decision makers from diverse backgrounds met in Berlin to exchange views on current trends, innovative methods and best practices for improving legislation.


The IRRC 2013 was hosted by the Government of Germany (see the conference website of the Federal Government of Germany which includes the conference programme, speaker profiles and all material related to the conference).  Four workshops were organised by the OECD:


Costs and Benefits – Two Sides of the Same Coin

Cartoon © Mathias Weitbrecht

Good practices in the assessment of costs and benefits of regulatory and non-regulatory approaches regulations werediscussed, along with how  cost-benefit analysis can be effectively integrated in Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) and how information on costs and benefits can be presented to support government ministers and parliamentarians in their decision-making process.



Key Actors of Regulatory Governance


Key actors of regulatory governanceThe theme of these three workshops was about the role of three key actors in the regulatory policy cycle: Parliaments, regulatory agencies and audit offices.


  • Parliamentarians decide on new laws and the revision of existing laws;
  • Regulatory agencies design and implement regulations;
  • Audit offices can play an important role in evaluating the functioning of regulatory agencies and of regulatory policy tools and programmes.




The Role of Regulators in Regulatory Policy


With a focus on the role and practices of regulators in the regulatory policy and the governance cycle, discussions focused on the relationship between regulators and other actors such as the centres ofgovernment. ‌Examples of good and innovative regulatory practices by regulators where provided.



The Role of Audit Offices in Regulatory Policy 


Cartoon © Mathias WeitbrechtParticipants discussed good practices of audit offices in OECD countries in evaluating regulators and regulatory policy programmes and tools.





The Role of Parliaments in Regulatory Policy 


Participants discussed good practices in the use of evidence by parliaments for making decisions on new laws and on the revision of existing laws.‌



For further information, please contact Christiane Arndt, Faisal Naru or Rebecca Schultz.


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