Fédération de Russie

  • 10-June-2013


    Business and consumer confidence indicators for OECD countries and major non-member economies

    Access the full database of consumer opinion and business tendency indicators for all sectors of the economy covering OECD countries, China, Brazil, Indonesia, India, South Africa and Russia. The series are updated continuously.

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  • 22-May-2013


    Russia: Progress made in improving the quality of official statistics but challenges remain

    Russia’s official statistics are compiled with a high a degree of professionalism and now have a solid legal basis, but their scope, timeliness and international comparability needs to be improved, according to an initial assessment by the OECD.

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  • 15-May-2013


    Technical Seminar on Corporate Governance in Russia 2013

    Discussions at this meeting focused on the first draft of the revised Russian Code of Corporate Governance.

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  • 27-April-2013

    Russian, PDF, 4,278kb

    Россия МОДЕРНИЗАЦИЯ ЭКОНОМИКИ - Серия публикаций ОЭСР о «Лучшей политике»

    В данном докладе, опирающемся на опыт стран ОЭСР и ведущих партнеров нашей организации, представлена точка зрения ОЭСР на основные задачи, стоящие перед Россией в области политики, включая основы налогово-бюджетной политики, финансовый сектор, конкуренцию, деловой климат, управление государственными предприятиями, инновации, торговлю, социальную политику,...

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  • 26-avril-2013


    Visite de M. Shuvalov à l’OCDE

    Le premier vice-Premier ministre de la Fédération de Russie, Igor Shuvalov, a effectué aujourd’hui une visite à l’OCDE. Il s’est notamment adressé au Conseil de l’OCDE et s’est entretenu, pendant deux heures, avec les Ambassadeurs des pays membres au sujet de l’adhésion en cours de la Russie à l’Organisation.

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  • 15-April-2013


    Russia: Modernising the economy

    Drawing on the OECD’s expertise in comparing country experiences and identifying best practices, this book tailors the OECD’s policy advice to the specific and timely priorities of Russia, focusing on how its government can make reform happen.
  • 14-February-2013


    The G-20 Agenda under the Russian Chairmanship

    In his remarks, OECD Secretary-General answers the three following questions: Where is growth going to come from? How sustainable will it be? Who is going to benefit from it?

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  • 12-February-2013


    Secretary-General in Moscow, for the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors meeting (14th - 16th February 2013)

    The Secretary-General of the OECD will be in Moscow from 14th to 16th February 2013, to attend the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors meeting organized under the Chairmanship of the Russian Federation.

  • 18-January-2013


    Modernizing Russia in a challenging global environment

    Russia is facing huge challenges. It is incredibly rich in natural and human assets. To modernize itself and thus diversify, it needs to invest in these assets and to preserve them. The reform agenda is daunting, covering structural, social, environmental and institutional reforms. A lot has already been done but implementation remains a critical challenge, said OECD's Gurría.

  • 17-January-2013


    From Corporate Compliance to Collective Action

    Promoting anti-corruption compliance measures, to prevent corrupt acts before they take place and to properly address them when they do, and encouraging collective action and sectoral initiatives to share best practices and expertise should be a priority, said OECD Secretary-General in Moscow.

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