Seminar on the issues related to the establishment of Corps A, 11-12 July 2012



The Agency for Civil Service Affairs of Kazakhstan hosted a high-level seminar on developing the civil service’s senior and mid-level executives (the 'Corps A'), with recruitment and management throughout their careers in government on merit and transparency-based criteria.

The seminar benefited from insights provided by Ms Aurelia Bouchez EU Ambassador to Kazakhstan and Mr Alikhan Baimenov, Chairman of the Agency for Civil Service Affairs of Kazakhstan.

Senior experts from the United States, Belgium and Poland, along with representatives from the OECD, shared their expertise and the lessons they have learnt in the development of this important capability within the civil service of OECD countries.

The seminar participants explored Kazakhstan’s planned reforms in this area and identified any challenges that will likely arise as the government implements these strategies. 

This seminar was provided as part of the Regulations for Competitiveness Project, a 5-year initiative, which focusses on enhancing Kazakhstan’s private sector competitiveness through stronger regulations and institutions.

This project is implemented under the authority of the Government of Kazakhstan with the support of the OECD, and is co-financed by the Europea‌n Union.









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