Antilles Néerlandaises

  • 13-July-2006


    Caribbean Rim - OECD Investment Policy Reviews

    The investment policy reviews of the Caribbean Rim provide a factual assessment of investment conditions existing in each country. They offer a unique set of detailed information which should be of interest to all those concerned by the development of investment opportunities in the region. The reports are intended to be used by the countries involved as a roadmap for developing and implementing their agenda for investment policy

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  • 22-July-2005

    English, , 343kb

    OECD Investment Policy Reviews: Caribbean Rim - Netherlands Antilles

    Published within the framework of the Caribbean Rim Investment Initiative (CRII), this study provides an overall factual assessment of investment conditions existing in the Netherlands Antilles. Studies for Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic and Jamaica were published in 2004. Promoted by the OECD, the CRII supports Caribbean Rim countries in their efforts to improve their investment climate, attract increasing flows of investment

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