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The Partnership of international organisations for effective international rulemaking




Promoting the quality, effectiveness and impact of international instruments


International Organisations (IOs) play a crucial role in supporting international regulatory cooperation and in helping countries achieve their public policy objectives. They facilitate cooperation and coordination among their members and play a key role in addressing cross-border challenges.

To further galvanise these benefits, the OECD established the "Partnership of international organisations for effective international rulemaking" (IO Partnership), a voluntary platform of IOs, academics and OECD Regulatory Policy Committee (RPC) delegates, to exchange good practices and promote greater quality, effectiveness, and impact in international rulemaking.

Meeting annually, the IO Partnership reflects on issues central to the international rulemaking processes, including transparency, inclusiveness, implementation, monitoring, promotion and coordination.

Through surveys, annual meetings and focused working group activity, a series of comprehensive analytical reports have been produced.


Latest updates


October 2020
International organisations in the context of COVID-19

September 2020
7th Annual Meeting of International Organisations

June 2020
No policy-maker is an island: the international regulatory co-operation response to the COVID-19 crisis

February 2020
Study of OIE Observatory of standard implementation

February 2020
IRC: The Case of the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM)

July 2019
Facilitating Trade through Regulatory Cooperation

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Key reports

2016 International Regulatory Co-operation:
the Role of International Organisations in Fostering Better Rules of Globalisation

2019 The Contribution of International Organisations to a Rule-Based International System: Key results from the partnership of international organisations for effective international rulemaking



Studies of International Organisations



Key results

Key results from the Partnership of International Organisations for Effective International Rulemaking

Joint Statement of the Secretariats of the International Organisations:  English / French 


















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The IO Partnership receives support from the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland.


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