Projets pays

The OECD supports countries in reforming their procurement systems by assessing them and providing proposals for improvements as well as supporting tools.


Enhancing the public procurement system and reinforcing the capacity of the public procurement workforce.

Assessment of this private non-profit entity's procurement framework and the role chambers of commerce can play as enablers of better practices and promoters of growth and productivity.

Supporting Costa Rica in reforming the public procurement system

Testing the Methodology for Assessing Procurement Systems (MAPS) in a small country context with a joint assessment of five countries.

Promotion of strategic use of public procurement to pursue cohesion policy objectives.

Strategic dimensions for well-being and growth.

Public procurement review to reform for efficiency.

Support for the improvement of the Lithuanian public procurement System through the professionalisation of the national workforce and streamlining of R&D tendering

Review of the business processes and functions, followed by recommendations for improvement and technical assistant to re-engineer the Contracts Department in Malta.

Review of the federal e-procurement system CompraNet, managed by the Ministry of Public Administration of Mexico.

Review of the public procurement policies and practices of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS).

Review of the public procurement policies and practices of the Institute for Security and Social Services of the State Workers of Sonora, Mexico.

Advancing integrity, transparency and good procurement practices in the development of the New International Airport of Mexico.

Review of the public procurement policies and practices of the State Government of Nuevo León, Mexico.

The project supports the process of reform of the procurement function of PEMEX, from a decentralised to a centralised scheme, focused on creating value. 

Review of the State of Mexico's public procurement policies and practices and support the implementation of OECD recommendations.

Testing the MAPS Module on Sustainable Public Procurement (SPP).

Developing agile practices for ICT procurement in the Slovak Republic.

Support for the implementation of the Slovak Public procurement reform in the framework of the European Structural and Investment Funds ex-ante conditionality action plan.

Improving the governance of public funds and ensuring the resilience and efficiency of the Tunisian public procurement system