Biodiversité, eau et gestion des ressources naturelles

Biodiversity Offsets: Opportunities and challenges for their effective design and implementation


The workshop was held on 6-7 November 2013 at the OECD Headquarters. Biodiversity offset (including biobanking) schemes are gaining interest as government and business alike aim to address biodiversity loss that occurs through development and associated activities. The increasing interest in biodiversity offset schemes reflects their ability to provide developers with incentives to avoid, minimise and offset adverse biodiversity impacts when these occur.

The workshop examined the technical and analytical issues related to their effective design and implementation with an aim to derive insights on and examples of good practice.

snow geese The workshop brought together government, the private sector, IGO's, NGO's, and other experts and practitioners, so as to exchange experience and lessons learned on the key opportunities and challenges associated with biodiversity offset schemes.

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