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6th "Environment for Europe" Ministerial Conference, 10-12 October 2007, Belgrade



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The 6th "Environment for Europe" (EfE) Ministerial Conference took place in Belgrade on 10-12 October 2007. It brought together some 2000 participants, including ministers and high-level delegates from 56 UNECE member states and the European Commission, representatives of the United Nations organisations, other intergovernmental organisations, non-governmental organisations and other stakeholders. The Conference reviewed progress in implementing agreed commitments since the Kiev EfE Ministerial Conference in 2003.

It also covered subregional issues and assessed the need for additional measures in a number of areas such as environmental policy and international competitiveness, partnerships, sustainable production and consumption patterns, energy efficiency, biodiversity and education for sustainable development. The Environment Ministers also discussed the future of the "Environment for Europe" process, including the future of the EAP Task Force and OECD's support for it.


Analytical Reports to the Ministerial Conference


The EAP Task Force was established by Environment Ministers in Lucerne (Switzerland) in 1993, as part of the EfE process. Since then, the Task Force continues to be one of the major driving forces of the process. The following analytical reports provided basis for discussions at the Belgrade Ministerial Conference:


Side Events at the Ministerial Conference


The EAP Task Force also organised several side events in the Belgrade Sava Center:


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