Changement climatique

Bridge Over Troubled Waters: Linking Climate Change and Development


On Thursday 1st December 2005, the OECD held a panel discussion and book launch at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Montreal, Canada. The just-published OECD book, "Bridge Over Troubled Waters: Linking Climate Change and Development", was released on this propicious occasion.

The panel discussion was chaired by Paul Samson of the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), and included the following speakers (click on name for powerpoint presentation where available):

Shardul Agrawala, OECD
Ian Noble, World Bank
William Breed, USAID
Othmar Schwank, INFRAS, Switzerland
Christine Pirenne, DGIS, The Netherlands (no powerpoint)
Rémy Paris, OECD

Following the presentations, there was a lively question and answer period. Thanks to all who attended.

The title of the French version of the book is "Contre vents et marées : Les politiques de développement face au changement climatique". It is the product of a collaborative effort between the OECD Environment and Development Co-operation directorates on mainstreaming responses to climate change in development planning and assistance.

Links to more information on this publication: "Bridge Over Troubled Waters". "Contre Vents et Marées".

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