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Seoul International Conference on Human Resource Management in the Public Sector


At the dawn of the 21st century, human resources (HR) management is now being seen as a cornerstone for achieving "enabling" and "empowering" government. Some governments see HR management more dynamically, by linking it with enriching the Human Capital Asset of governments. Other governments view that strategic HR management is crucial for the new challenges and environment of the new century.

Recognising that an effective management of the "Person" is the core factor for sustainable development of the future government, the OECD and the Korean Government (Civil Service Commission) will jointly host an international conference on HRM in the Public Sector, with the overarching theme of "the Person, the Core of the Future Government", on 2-3 May 2002, in Seoul, Korea. The Conference will be organised by the Korea Association for Public Administration(KAPA), sponsored by a Korean newspaper, Donga Ilbo.

The Conference aims to enable participants to discuss practical experience and exchange lessons in modernising human resources management. Secondly, it aims to review and evaluate Korea's reform efforts in the HRM area which have been initiated by the Korean Civil Service Commission during the past three years. Furthermore, the Conference will search for directions and strategies for human resources management of the 21st century. Comprising five sessions, the Conference will address the following issues:

  • Track 1: HRM and Leadership
  • Track 2: HRM and High Performance
  • Track 3: HRM and Organisational Management
  • Track 4: "Open" government and "Closed" government
  • Track 5: the Person : the Core of the Future Government

The conference is open to all interested HR experts, practitioners and academics.