Regulated sectors: Best Practice Roundtables


List of all proceedings of the Best Practice Roundtables on Competition Policy series dealing with regulated sectors (by topic and alphabetical order).


Banking and Finance

Banking sector: competition, concentration and stability (2010)

Banking (retail)  (2006)

Banks: Enhancing the role of competition in regulation  (1998)

Co-operation between Competition Agencies and Regulators in the Financial Sector: 10 years on from the Financial Crisis (2017)

Credit rating agencies (2010)

Financial markets (2009)

Competition and disruptive innovation in financial markets (2015)

Competition issues in the financial sector (2011)

Insurance industry (1998)

Payment cards (2006)

Payment systems (2012)



Big data: Bringing competition policy to the digital era (2016)

Broadcasting in the light of convergence (1998)

Digital economy (2012)

Disruptive innovations (2015)

Electronic commerce (2000)

Financing of the roll-out of broadband networks (2014)

Intellectual property and standard setting (2014)

International satellite organisations reform (1995)

Postal services (1999)

Telecommunications (2001) |  Telecommunications: An update (1997) | Telecommunications (1995)

Television and broadcasting (2013)



Radical Innovation in the Electricity Sector (2017)

Competition in road fuel (2013)

Electricity: Renewables and smart grids (2010)

Electricity sector (2002)

Electricity sector - Application of competition policy (1996)

Gasoline retailing vertical relations (2008)

Natural gas industry (2000)



Competition policy and environment (1995)

Emission permits (2010)

Environmental regulation (2006)

Horizontal agreements in the environmental context (2010)

Pro-active policies for green growth and the market economy (2010)



Competition issues in the distribution of pharmaceuticals (2014)

Designing publicly funded healthcare markets (2018)

Excessive Pricing in Pharmaceuticals (2018)

Generic pharmaceuticals (2009)

Health professions (2004)

Hospital services (2012)

Hospital services provision (2005)

Pharmaceutical industry (2000)


Infrastructure and services

Construction industry (2008)

Real estate transactions (2007)

Solid waste management - Competition in local services (1999)

Waste management  (2013)

Water sector (2004)


Professions and licencing

Auditing and related professions (2009)

Concessions (2006)

Health professions (2004)

Disruptive innovations in legal services (2016)

Legal professions competitive restrictions (2007)

Professional services (1999)

Trade associations (2007)



Airline competition (2014)

Access to key transport facilities (2006)

Airport services (1997)

Land transport (Competition and innovation in) (2016)

Liner shipping (2015)

Ports and port services (2011)

Rail industry structural reform (2005)

Railways: Structure, regulation and competition policy (1997)

Rail transportation services: Recent developments (2013)

Road fuel (2013)

Road transport (2000)

Taxi, ride-sourcing and ride-sharing services (2018)

Taxi services regulation (2007)

Transportation services: Methods for allocating contracts (2013)



Agriculture: Monopsony buying and joint selling (2004)

Bidding markets (2006)

Competitive neutrality (2015)

Film distribution (1995)

How can competition contribute to fairer societies? (2018)

Industrial policy and national champions (2009)

Market concentration (2018)

Market study methodologies for competition authorities (2017)

Oligopoly markets (2015) / Oligopoly (1999)

Quality in competition analysis (Role and measurement of)  (2013)

Relations between regulators and competition authorities (1998)

Role of market studies as a tool to promote competition (2016)

Sports (1996)

Standard setting (2010)

State aids and subsidies (2010)

State-owned entreprises and competition (2018)

Universal service obligations  (2003)

Institutional design (Changes) of competition authorities (2014)


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