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Catalogue des instruments de co-opération internationale contre les délits à caractère fiscal et autres délits financiers


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Cover page of the report International Cooperation Against Tax Crimes and Other Financial Crimes

Publication Date: 14/06/2012
Pages: 276


International co-operation is essential in the fight against financial crimes. This report aims at improving the understanding and use of international co-operation mechanisms. After describing the different agencies involved in the fight against financial crimes, the report provides an overview of the international instruments available and summarises current initiatives to improve inter-agency co-operation. The core of the report is a catalogue describing the basic features of the main instruments for international co-operation in combating financial crimes.

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14/06/2012 - Joining forces to fight financial crime and illicit activities


  Table of Contents


Chapter 1.
 Agencies involved in the fight against tax crimes and other financial crimes
Chapter 2. Instruments available for international co-operation on tax crimes and other financial crimes

Chapter 3. Current work in the area of domestic and international co-operation 

Chapter 4. Catalogue of main instruments


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