Développement économique et création locale d’emplois (LEED)

Capacity building seminar: Enhancing the capacity of partnerships to influence policy (Dublin)


18-20 April 2007, Dublin, Ireland



Local partnerships can bring a bottom-up dimension to the policy process, helping to ensure that national policies ‘reach the parts that other mechanisms cannot reach’. Partnership involvement, because of the way in which they engage many stakeholders, can facilitate cross-cutting perspectives, and thus help bridge gaps which can exist between the policies of individual agencies.

For partnerships, feeding into the policy design process and influencing the ways policies and programmes are implemented at the local level must be established as long-term objectives. Achieving such objectives requires the ability to outreach to different levels of governance, and to build legitimacy and relations of trust with other actors. Securing the latter may require achieving and maintaining a “critical mass” through ensuring the commitment of the main public services and government agencies concerned; a strong participation from business; and an unchallenged representation from civil society. In addition, the partnership’s public accountability and transparency must be exemplary, and its performance properly assessed and monitored. Partnerships must build a strong analytical capacity and have access to critical information.

With its new series of capacity building activities, the Forum on Partnerships and Local Governance has opened a discussion on such mechanisms for influencing public policy, looking at the principle interests of partnerships and their rationales, the underlying policy framework for their actions, and the potential added value resulting from the way in which partnerships feed into the policy design process.
For further information, please contact at the OECD LEED Trento Centre, Italy.

The seminar

This 2.5-day seminar was the second stage of a capacity building programme designed for experienced partnerships from OECD member countries. After a lively first seminar in Vienna, this second meeting allowed a more in-depth discussion on how partnerships can enhance their capacity to influence policy at the local, national and international levels.
The thematic focus of this seminar was on skills development, in particular on the contributions of partnerships in designing and delivering local skills development strategies. Seminar participants had the opportunity to engage in discussion with local community representatives and other stakeholders, national level policy-makers and OECD experts. The programme included case study presentations and panel discussions. In addition, study visits to selected Irish partnerships offered valuable insights into the work, challenges and achievements of area-based partnerships in Ireland.

The seminar was hosted by Pobal Ireland, a long-standing partner of the OECD LEED Programme.

Participants’ profile and applications

This seminar addressed partnership managers and practitioners, national co-ordinators of partnerships with an experience and interest in expanding their current involvement in policy and programme design, as well as government counterparts of partnerships.

The working language of the seminar was English.

Cost of Participation

Participation was free of charge. Participants covered their own costs of travel and accommodation.
For further information on the seminar, please contact at the OECD LEED Trento Centre, Italy.

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