Évaluation des programmes de développement

Spain - DAC Evaluation Network Member


Division of Development Policy Evaluation and Knowledge Management (DEGCO)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (MAEC)

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Organisation Background

Royal Decree 644/2020, which develops the basic organic structure of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation (MAUC), stipulates that the Division of Development Policy Evaluation and Knowledge Management (DEGCO), although organically part of the Directorate-General for Sustainable Development Policies DGPOLDES, functionally depends on the Secretariat of State for International Cooperation (SECI), and will carry out its work "independently". Furthermore, the Royal Decree specifies that the evaluation unit will be responsible for “evaluating the Master Plan, the annual Communications, the Country Association Frameworks and the Strategic Association Frameworks with multilateral organisations, as well as other documents of a strategic nature". The Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) is directly attached to the SECI, and its operations unit reports directly to the Agency Management.

The current and consolidated Evaluation Policy (2013), developed during the IV Master Plan for Spanish Development Cooperation 2013-2016, shares the ultimate aim of Spanish Cooperation of contributing to human development, poverty reduction and the full exercise of rights. Accordingly, evaluation is a means of generating learning, which improves the effectiveness and quality of our cooperation system. Furthermore, evaluation helps to transform reality and provides elements for transparency and accountability.

In March 2018, the V Master Plan of the Spanish Cooperation 2018-2021 was approved. In terms of evaluation, it aims to achieve a more influential evaluation that has an impact on the improvement of Spanish Cooperation, through the promotion of evidence-based decision-making, improvement of the feedback of multilateral cooperation decisions, and advance in the evaluation of cross-cutting priorities. Additionally, the V Master Plan aims to strengthen both the system's evaluation culture and its evaluation capacities, as well as the use of evaluation results, facilitating access to the knowledge generated.

Within the MAUC's Digital Transformation Plan, during 2018 the DGPOLDES started the design of the web platform of the "Sustainable Development Cooperation Support System (info@ODS 2030)". This platform is considered to be of strategic importance not only for the DEGCO and DGPOLDES, but also for the entire Spanish Development Cooperation, as it will make available to the entire development cooperation community information on the different plans, programmes and projects of Spanish Development Cooperation, from their planning to their evaluation, including all related monitoring and reporting information, facilitating a better management of the knowledge acquired.



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