Financial education and consumer protection

Russia-OECD-World Bank financial literacy programme


The Russia Trust Fund for Financial Literacy and Education was set up to support the advancement of financial literacy and capability programmes in low and middle‑income countries. Established in 2008 with funding provided by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, the World Bank and the OECD conducted methodological, analytical and policy work on financial literacy, capability and education.

Building on experience accumulated through its project on financial education launched in 2002 and its International Network on Financial Education (INFE), the OECD led the development and worldwide dissemination of 3 main types of products, tools and activities developed under the Trust Fund:

  • Broad and detailed reviews and inventories of effective financial education activities and policies worldwide

  • Policy, analytical and comparative reports and research highlighting good practices and detailed country case studies on financial education and literacy

  • Criteria, standards, principles and guidelines as well as practical tools to facilitate and improve strategic financial education efforts

Dissemination seminars - a series of conferences were held to disseminate the main outputs of the Trust Fund:

The activity of the Trust Fund has now come to an end.


Overview of OECD/INFE products under Trust Fund


Criteria, principles, guidelines and policy guidance to improve financial education

- The framework
- Addressing youths’ and women’s needs
- Measurement and evaluation tools

Current status of national strategies for financial education


Financial literacy and inclusion: Survey across countries and by gender


Toolkit to measure financial literacy and inclusion: Guidance, core questionnaire and supplementary questions


Evaluating financial education programmes: Stocktake and framework


Financial education for youth and in schools: Policy guidance, challenges and case studies


Women and financial literacy: Evidence, survey and policy responses



Improving pension information and communication: Survey and lessons learnt



Improving financial education effectiveness through behavioural economics: Findings and way forward


Financial education in Africa and Latin America: Peer reviews and regional reports







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