Improving Statistics Development in Ukraine in 2021


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The Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has become the body responsible for overseeing the State Statistics Service of Ukraine (UkrStat) in order to develop key performance indicators (KPIs) for government agencies and to promote evidence-based policymaking. UkrStat is responsible for gathering national data, including social and demographic statistics (such as population, migration, labour market and education), as well as economic statistics (such as trade, industry and energy). It has also been tracking Ukraine’s socioeconomic development indicators. The OECD has longstanding expertise in improving data collection including on policy areas such as education and working environment, while supporting the development of open data, from which Ukraine can benefit.  

With the financial support of Israel and Poland, the OECD will carry out the Improving Statistics Development in Ukraine 2021 project.  The aim of the project is to provide capacity-building support to UkrStat to produce and collect relevant data that can serve as a key input for policymaking. The COVID-19 pandemic has shed light on the need to collect more and better quality statistics in order effectively plan for an inclusive and sustainable recovery. Recently, the Government of Ukraine introduced the Programme for the development of state statistics until 2023, which aims at providing objective, reliable and unbiased statistical information according to international best practices. The project will contribute to strengthening UkrStat capacities to track progress in implementing reforms and to produce benchmarks for effectively “building back better”. This project is being implemented in the context of the OECD-Ukraine Memorandum of Understanding.


Project Milestones

Specifically, the OECD will assist Ukraine in the modernisation of state statistics through the implementation of international standards and approximation of EU regulations. Throughout 2021, the OECD will organise three capacity-building webinars, tailored to the needs of UkrStat, using OECD know-how and drawing on the expertise of the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics and the Polish Central Statistical Office. The topics of the webinars include:

  1. Methodology for compiling statistics to analyse the development of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), including at regional and local levels, to contribute to the formation and dissemination of statistical information on the activities of SMEs in Ukraine, comparable to data from OECD member countries. This work will build upon the OECD recommendations provided in the Compendium of Enterprise Statistics in Ukraine 2018 and The geography of firm Dynamics: Measuring Business Demography for Regional Development (UKR version(please read webinar proceedings: ENG and UKR).

  2. Methods and standards for developing questionnaires and surveys, to support the adaptation the latest methods and approaches to develop questionnaires and surveys in line with European standards.

  3. Methodology for calculating enterprise demography statistics, to support the adaptation of methodological documents and introduce new approaches for the calculation of enterprise demography indicators.

    Key contacts

    Francesco Alfonso  

    Economist/ Project Coordinator

    OECD Eurasia division               

    Ksenia Lytvynenko

    Policy Analyst

    OECD Eurasia division

      With the financial support of Israel and Poland:


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