Biodiversity, water and natural resource management


  • Policy paper: Enhancing the effectiveness of sub-national biodiversity policy: P

    6 November- Drawing on policy practices from Scotland (UK), France and other signatories to the Edinburgh Declaration, this paper provides an overview and analysis of sub-national strategies, plans and mechanisms to ensure policy coherence and co-ordination. It then examines the policy instruments that subnational governments can leverage to deliver positive biodiversity outcomes.

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  • Brochure: Tracking Economic Instruments and Finance for Biodiversity 2021

    8 September- This brochure highlights the latest data and trends on biodiversity-relevant economic instruments (known as positive incentives under the CBD Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework) and the finance they mobilise or revenue they generate, across more than 120 countries.

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  • Report: Policies to Reduce Microplastics Pollution in Water

    20 October- This report synthesises the current state of knowledge on the sources, fate and risks of microplastics pollution. It then focuses on two sources of microplastics pollution, textile products and vehicle tyres, due to their substantial contribution to global microplastics emissions and currently largely absent policy frameworks to mitigate them.

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OECD work on biodiversity, water and natural resources management focuses on policy analysis to help ensure more environmentally effective, cost-efficient and equitable outcomes.