Environment Directorate

Working papers related to biodiversity; environmental quality and life satisfaction; competitiveness and environment; waste and trade


2015 Critical Minerals Today and in 2030: An Analysis for OECD Countries
by Renaud Coulomb, Simon Dietz, Maria Godunova, Thomas Bligaard Nielsen
2015 Biodiversity Policy Response Indicators
by Christina Van Winkle, Katia Karousakis, Rosalind Bark, Martijn van der Heide
2013 A Characterisation of Environmental Labelling and Information Schemes
by Guillaume Gruère 
2012 Environmental Quality and Life Satisfaction: Evidence Based on Micro-Data
by Jérôme Silva, Femke de Keulenaer and Nick Johnstone
2011 Environmental Policy Stringency and Foreign Direct Investment
by Margarita Kalamova and Nick Johnstone
2010 Linkages between Environmental Policy and Competitiveness
by Leena Lankoski
2009 Promoting Biodiversity Co-Benefits in REDD (also available in French)
by Katia Karousakis

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