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The Distributional Effects of Environmental Policy


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ISBN: 1845423151
Publication Date: 1 February 2006
Pages: 336


The Distributional Effects of Environmental Policy

OECD. Edited by Ysé Serret and Nick Johnstone. Published by: Edward Elgar Publishing

This publication is a milestone in the analysis of the distributional impacts of environmental policy, building upon existing literature to simultaneously examine disparities in the distribution of environmental impacts and in the distribution of financial effects amongst households.

The objectives of this book are threefold:

  • To provide a conceptual framework to better understand the disparities in the distributional effects (environmental and financial) of environmental policy upon the individual household
  • To review empirical evidence  on the distributional implications (both financial and environmental) of environmental policies through a number of case studies
  • To analyse policy implications by reviewing challenges facing policy makers as they seek to design environmentally effective and economically efficient environmental policies, while ensuring that social concerns such as distributional effects are simultaneously addressed.

Scholars and researchers in the areas of environmental and resource economics will find much to engage them within this book, as will policy makers involved in environmental policy making.

Executive Summary

Table of contents

1. Introduction: Distributional Effects of Environmental Policy by Nick Johnstone and Ysé Serret
Part I. Conceptual Frameworks and Literature Review
2. Framework for Assessing the Distribution of Environmental Quality by David W. Pearce
3. Framework for Assessing the Distribution of Financial Effects of Environmental Policy by Bengt Kristrom
Part II. Evidence on the Distributional Effects of Environmental Policies
4. Distributional Effects of the Ecological Tax Reform in Germany: An Evaluation with Microsimulation Model by Christhart Bork
5. The Distributional Effects of Direct Regulation: A Case Study of Energy Efficiency Appliance Standards by Ronald J. Sutherland
Part III: Evidence on the Distribution of Environmental Quality
6. Exposure to Environmental Urban Noise Pollution in Birmingham, UK by Julii S. Brainard, Andrew P. Jones , Ian J. Bateman and Andrew A. Lovett
7. Environmental Equity and the Siting of Hazardous Waste Facilities in OECD Countries by James T. Hamilton
8. Distributional Effects of Environmental Policy: Conclusions and Policy Implications by Ysé Serret and Nick Johnstone

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