Biodiversity, water and natural resource management

Workshop on Incentives to Capture the Biodiversity and Carbon Benefits for Reducing Deforestation, 26 March 2008


On March 26 2008, a Workshop on “Incentives to Capture the Biodiversity and Carbon Benefits for Reducing Deforestation: Linkages, Synergies and Limitations” was held in Paris. Over 50 participants from delegates of the Working Group of the Economic Aspects of Biodiversity, the Annex I Expert Group (including experts involved in negotiations related to Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation in Developing Countries -REDD), and external experts convened to: (i) exchange information on perspectives under the UN Convention on Biological Diversity and the UN Framework on Convention on Climate Change with regard to incentives to capture the biodiversity and carbon benefits of forests respectively; (ii) examine the linkages, synergies and limitations of capturing multiple benefits of forests, from both a theoretical standpoint as well as technical issues with regard to monitoring, reporting and verification; (iii) share experiences and lessons learned from case studies that aim to capture and deliver biodiversity and carbon benefits associated with reducing deforestation; and (iv) participate in a roundtable discussion to identify key outstanding issues, exchange perspectives on priorities and provide feedback on this important policy area.



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