Biodiversity, water and natural resource management

Workshop on Enhancing the Cost-Effectiveness of Payments for Ecosystem Services - Powerpoint Presentations


Session 1: Introduction

Introduction to PES: Enhancing Cost-Effectiveness - Katia Karousakis (OECD Secretariat)


Session 2: Key Issues for Enhancing PES Cost-Effectiveness

PES Theory and Criteria for Effective Design Sven Wunder (CIFOR)

PES Targeting via Quality: Forestry and the Evolution of the Vaquita Programme, Mexico - Carlos Munoz Pina (INE, Mexico)

PES in the context of EU Policy - Alexandra Vakrou (EC)


Session 3: Designing and Implementing Inverse Auctions

The Tasmanian Forest Conservation Fund and the Environmental Stewardship Program in Australia  - Jim Binney and Charlie Zammit (Marsden Jacob Associates and DEWHA)

The USDA Conservation Reserve Program - Quiller Brooke and Katia Karousakis (OECD Secretariat)

The Finnish Trading in Nature Values programme - Arto Naskali (METLA)


Session 4: Wrap-up Discussion and Conclusions

CBD Presentation: Links and relevance to CBD and COP-10 - Ravi Sharma (Convention on Biological Diversity Secretariat)


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