The Research Collaborative on Tracking Finance for Climate Action is a network, led by the OECD, of governments, research organisations and finance providers. It is designed to serve as a platform for identifying research priorities and gaps, sharing information, weaving a coherent narrative across what would otherwise be disparate research outputs, as well as communicating results to raise awareness.

Research Collaborative Workshop

 28 October 2019  OECD, Paris

This workshop focused on initiatives to track finance and investments towards assessing their consistency with climate objectives. It gathered over 70 experts from research organisations, financial institutions and governments with the aim to provide institutional, country and international level perspectives on this topic.

The workshop was held back-to-back with the 6th OECD Forum on Green Finance and Investment (29-30 October).

Recent releases and events

Publication: OECD Working Paper “Tracking finance flows towards assessing their consistency with climate objectives: proposed scope, knowns and unknowns”

Event: Presentation at a workshop on tracking of climate investments, convened by I4CE, New Climate Institute, Wise Europa, IKEM, Czech Technical University in Prague and Riga Technical University.

Publication: OECD Policy Perspectives “Private finance for climate action: Estimating the effects of public interventions”