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OECD Global Forum on Environment on Eco-Innovation


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This Forum organised by the OECD took place on 4-5 November 2009 in the OECD Conference Centre, Paris, France. The Forum had three related objectives:


  • Take stock of what we know on policies to support eco-innovation (based on work done at the OECD and elsewhere);
  • Discuss policy challenges. Four main policy challenges have been identified so far:
    - How to make environment and innovation policies mutually supportive?
    - How to induce eco-innovation in the most effective way?
    - How to support the diffusion of eco-innovation, in particular to developing countries?
    - What are the consequences of the economic crisis and the stimulus packages on the existing policies and instruments?
  • Contribute to the OECD Innovation Strategy.


Most OECD countries consider eco-innovation as an important part of the response to contemporary challenges, including climate change and energy security. In addition, many countries consider that eco-innovation could be a source of competitive advantages in the fast-growing environmental goods and services sector.

A number of policy issues have emerged from an inventory of policies and programmes that OECD countries have put in place to promote eco-innovation. These are captured in a document titled National Approaches for Promoting Eco-Innovation. Policy Issues.

The Global Forum on Environment on Eco-Innovation provided an opportunity to share experiences and explore avenues for further international co-operation on these and related issues.


Target audience

The Forum was targeted at the following communities:

• Policy makers in the field of environment, science and technology, industry and innovation
• Business firms involved in developing, financing and deploying green technologies and related innovations
• Non-governmental organisations active to promote eco-innovation

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Documents and Background papers


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