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Annex I Expert Group Seminar, "Working Together to Respond to Climate Change", March 2007, Paris


The Annex I Expert Group Seminar with developing countries, "Working Together to Respond to Climate Change", took place on 19 & 20 March 2007 at IEA Headquarters in Paris. The Seminar included about 110 participants from 48 countries and organisaitons. Developing country participants included representatives of Brazil, China, Ghana, Indonesia, Kenya, Morocco, and Tuvalu. The papers and seminar were supported by grants from Australia, Germany, EC, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, and UK.

The Seminar focused on four areas of discussion: national approaches to adaptation and the role of the international community; overcoming short- and long-term barriers to Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) project development; technology and energy efficiency; and sectoral approaches and incentives.

AgendaSummary Report & List of Participants.  Presentations (in pdf format):

1. National Approaches to Adaptation and the Role of the International Community

Coastal management and adaptation to climate change in Mexico. By Luis E. Ramos & Ivonne Ortiz (Ramos-Hoek Consulting, Mexico).

Wetlands and the Built Environment: Policy Frameworks for Adapting to Climate Change in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico. By John S. Jacob, Ph.D. (Texas Sea Grant, Texas A&M University System).

Adaptation to Climate Change: Lessons Learned from the AIXG Water Sector and Coastal Zones Studies.
By Ellina Levina (OECD).

UNFCCC in support of national adaptation. By Olga Pilifosova (UNFCCC Secretariat).

Shaping International Priorities to Support National Adaptation Needs. By Ian Fry (Environment Department, TUVALU).

2. Overcoming Short and Long-term Barriers to Clean Development Mechanism Project Development

CDM Moroccan Story. By Taha Balafrej (Ministry of Environment, MOROCCO)

Overcoming Barriers to Clean Development Mechanism Projects. By Jane Ellis (OECD) and Sami Kamel (UNEP Risoe Centre, Denmark)

Post-2012 eligibility of land-use and bioenergy activities in the CDM. By Bernhard Schlamadinger (Joanneum Research, Austria).

Post-2012 Eligibility of Land Use, Bioenergy Land Use and Bioenergy Activities in the CDM. By Thelma Krug (National Institute for Space Research National Institute for Space Research, and Inter-American Institute for Global Change Studies, BRAZIL)

3. Technology and Energy Efficiency

Technology Penetration and Capital Stock Turnover. By Cédric Philibert (IEA).

Policies and Measures on Energy Efficiency Improvement and Renewable Energy Development. By Li Liyan (National Climate Change Coordination Committee, National Development and Reform Commission, CHINA), and Sun Guoshun (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, CHINA).

Comment on Challenge of Energy Efficiency and Renewables. By William Kojo Agyemang-Bonsu (Environmental Protection Agency, GHANA).

4. Sectoral Approaches and Incentives

The Last Ever Presentation on Sector Approaches. By Rob Bradley (World Resources Institute, Climate, Energy and Pollution Program).

Sectoral Approaches to Greenhouse Gas Reductions: Issues and Definitions. By R. Baron, B. Buchner (IEA), J. Ellis (OECD).

Sectoral Approaches and Incentives. By Dong-Woon Noh (Korea Energy Economics Institute, KOREA).


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