Matching Economic Migration with Labour Market Needs


How can governments ensure that migration and free movement of workers contribute to meeting the labour market shortages that are expected to arise over the next 50 years? How can societies better use the skills of their migrants? What lessons can non-European OECD countries offer Europe, particularly regarding labour migration management? It was to address such questions that the European Commission and the OECD jointly carried out a three-year research project on “Matching economic migration with labour market needs”. Its findings are presented in this report.


Matching Economic - ENGLISH COVER

Publication Date: 18 Sep. 2014

Pages: 382

ISBN:9789264216372 (print)

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For further information, journalists are invited to contact Jean-Christophe Dumont (+33 1 45 24 92 43) in the OECD’s International Migration Division. Journalists are invited to download the report from the password protected site or they can contact the OECD’s Media Division


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