Local Employment and Economic Development (LEED Programme)

OECD workshop on how cities are preparing for the future work


 TBC Barcelona, Spain

What's the issue?

The world of work is changing with artificial intelligence and digital technologies fundamentally altering workplaces and labour markets. Challenges associated with the future of work will diverge by city and region, depending on the occupational profile of the local labour market, making the distributional impacts of these megatrends uneven across places. While there are likely to be negative impacts, the new world of work also creates unprecedented opportunities to transform industries and promote inclusive growth.

As engines of economic growth and innovation, cities are at the forefront in making sure that future opportunities arising from global megatrends will benefit society at large and trickle down to all places. Over 50% of the world population today lives in cities, and this number is projected to grow in the future. Cities are vital centes of entrepreneurship and innovations, with the potential of achieving the productivity gains promised by automation and digitalisation. In the future of work, local governments are required to play an even more prominent role to help workers navigate the uncertainty of the local labour market by providing lifelong learning opportunities and designing interventions to disadvantaged groups who face multi-faceted barriers to employment. 


Why attend?

This workshop is a side event of the OECD Local Development Forum, the OECD’s network of local development practitioners, entrepreneurs and social innovators. It will bring together policy makers and practitioners to discuss the place-based challenges and opportunities that are emerging from automation and digitalisation at the local level. Participants will take away new insights on:

  •  What are the challenges and opportunities for cities from the future of work?
  •  How should national, regional and local policies be reconfigured to deliver stronger outcomes in terms of jobs and skills?



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