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Review of national and regional small and medium-sized enterprise policy linkage in Serbia, May 2010


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This study was undertaken by the
 OECD Investment Compact for South East Europe (OECD-IC)

in collaboration with the
OECD Local Economic and Employment Programme (OECD-LEED)


National and regional small and medium-sized enterprise policy linkage in Serbia

May 2010

The OECD IC and LEED programme undertook the “National and Regional Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) Policy Linkage in Serbia” project to examine policies supporting SMEs at the national and sub-national level in Serbia.

As this was a pilot project, the OECD (IC-LEED) did not cover the entire territory of Serbia but rather two regions: Banat (in the northern province of Vojvodina) and Zlatibor district in the south-west. The choice of the two regions came as a result of consultations between the OECD (IC-LEED) and the Serbian Ministry of Economy and Regional Development (MoERD). It was decided that one region should have been in relative proximity to Belgrade (i.e., Banat) while the other would have been located farther away (i.e., Zlatibor). An additional consideration was that each region had established development agencies with staff that could work alongside the OECD.

The project identified key barriers to SME development
in these regions and explored the relationship between central government policy and actions supporting SME development at the local level.

The recommendations developed in this report are of two types



General SME policy orientation; and

Issues arising from first application of the OECD IC-LEED analytical tool – the SSPI - to measure gaps between national and sub-national SME policy development and programmes.

In addition, the results of this project served as the OECD (IC-LEED) contribution to the discussion surrounding the implementation of the new Law on Regional Development (No. 51-2009) in Serbia, which will have implications for future SME policy in Serbia. The law envisages the establishment of several statistical regions in Serbia, each composed of one or more districts. These new regions are defined as statistical functional territorial units comprised of one or more districts, in accordance with the Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics (NUTS) level II. The new law will also see a restructuring of the existing national SME agency into a new “regional development agency” which will have a mandate to develop Serbian SMEs.


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For more information, please contact Antonio Fanelli and Milan Konopek (OECD-IC) or Alessandra Proto (OECD-LEED).


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