Local Employment and Economic Development (LEED Programme)

Presentations, 13-16 December 2010


Capacity building seminar
"New strategies for tourism and local development in the Mediterranean region"

13-16 December 2010, Trento, Italy



The OECD LEED Trento Centre 



The Training Centre for International Cooperation

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Monday, 13 December 2010

Session 1: Tourism as a driver of local development: the experience of Trentino province and development perspectives in the Mediterranean area

Paolo Rosso
by Paolo Rosso, Senior Expert Advisor to OECD

Peter Haxton
by Peter Haxton, Analyst, OECD Tourism Unit, OECD

Session 2: Governance of tourism policies

Michel Schiler
by Michel Schiler, Head of Sustainable tourism initiative at Parc régional des Vosges du Nord, France

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Session 3: Sustainability in tourism

Sustainability and attractiveness: tourism and integrated local development
by Thierry Baert, Head of department, Lille Métropole development and urban planning Agency, France

Case study: Cultural religious tourism project in Lebanon
by Roula Ajouz Sidani, Director, Cultural religious tourism project, Lebanon

Vision 2020 for tourism in Morocco: Raise the destination to be in the top twenty of the touristic destinations in the world Become a model of sustainbilty in the mediterranean area
by Nada Roudies, Director for Regulation, Development and Quality, Department of Tourism, Morocco

Stefano Marani
by Stefano Marani, Environmental Analyst and Senior Expert Advisor to OECD

Massimo De Marchi
by Massimo De Marchi, Professor, University of Padua, Italy

Case study: A sustainable tourism ecolodge in Morocco
by Hassan Aboutayeb, Manager, Atlas Kasbah, Marocco

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Session 4: Policy integration

Engaging the community in the development of tourism: the role of cooperatives. Testimonials from Cooperatives in Trentino
by Paolo Tonelli, Chief Assistant to the President’s Office, Trento, Italy

Private sector development policies and tourism local initiatives
by Ellen Bermann, Independent Consultant, Italy

Festival and public events: what impact on local development? The case of the Festival of economics
by Lucia Maestri, City Councillor for culture, tourism and youth services, Municipality of Trento, Italy

nancial policies and instruments for tourism development
by Neil MacCallum, Economist and Senior Expert Advisor to the OECD, United Kingdom

Tourism development in Turkey with special emphasis on public private co-operation and sustainability. The Belek case
by Alper Özkan, Project Co-ordinator, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Turkish Republic

Local banks as a main driver for local development. The case of Casse Rurali of Trentino
by Paolo Defrancesco, Director, Cassa Rurale di Fiemme, Italy

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Session 4: Policy integration (continued)

A common interregional effort basis for obtaining the UNESCO Natural World Heritage accreditation. The case study of the Dolomites
by Cesare Micheletti, Consultant, Italy

Tunisian tourism strategy for the year 2016
by Zakaria Zegoulli, Secretary General, Fédération Tunisienne de l’Hôtellerie, Tunisia

Caterina Brancaleoni
by Caterina Brancaleoni, Head of Public Investment Evaluation Unit, Emilia-Romagna Region, Italy


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