Local Employment and Economic Development (LEED Programme)

OECD Reviews of City and Regional Development Agencies


The LEED Programme launched this activity in a moment where city and regional development agencies are a global phenomenon, and the experience of them is richly diverse. There is no ‘blueprint’ or ‘template’ for a city development agency, choices have to be confronted and made locally. Most development agencies are now created to fulfil several rationales simultaneously.

The Development Agency Review Series takes place at an important juncture in the evolution of agencies worldwide.  An OECD review provides an agency or city with the opportunity to have progress reviewed by an international team of experts, to have their successes and good practices documented and widely disseminated, and to have a peer review process, involving both individual experts and practitioners, and the representatives of OECD member governments.

The Series are a core activity of the OECD Forum for Development Agencies and Investment Strategies of the LEED Programme.  It already has the participation of Laganside Corporation, Belfast (Ireland), Glasgow (UK) and Barcelona (Spain). 

For further information on these studies and on how to participate, cities and development agencies are invited to contact Ms Debra Mountford from the OECD Secretariat.