Local Employment and Economic Development (LEED Programme)

Capacity building seminar: Designing and delivering skills strategies for cities (Trento, Italy)


Organised by the OECD LEED Trento Centre for Local Development

Trento, Italy,

11-13 June 2008


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When developing a skills agenda for a particular locality or region, a number of different factors have to be taken into account. Local people need to be equipped with the skills required for career development and future prosperity, while the skills demands of local employers need to be met through innovative and flexible training delivery. Measures range from improving employability of those who are about to enter the labour market, helping adults with low or no qualifications to achieve the skills necessary for sustainable employment, as well as providing opportunities for the highly qualified to renew and refresh their skills. In areas undergoing economic restructuring or planning economic diversification the skills training infrastructure needs to anticipate and prepare for future demands.

Local partnerships prove to be a particularly useful tool in responding to these challenges: joint efforts by employers, local authorities, employment services and training and educational institutions maximise complementarity, help people take better informed decisions, avoid duplication and improve policy efficiency.


The Seminar

The objective of this seminar was to improve the capacity of partnerships to design and deliver integrated skills strategies. It focused on three main themes and pursued the following objectives:




Understanding local skills needs


To improve your understanding of the kind of data needed to develop and update a skills profile of your city, the way it can be gathered and analysed.

Building an integrated skills strategy


To build your expertise in using skills profile data to set priorities for a workforce development strategy and ways to build an integrated strategy.

Assessing the impact: moving from quantitative to qualitative assessment


To develop your knowledge on the techniques used to measure the impact of your skills strategy and feed back the results to improve performance.



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