Local Employment and Economic Development (LEED Programme)

Academy for local administrators on policies and projects for sustainable local development


4-8 November 2019 Terzolas, Italy

Organised by the OECD Trento Centre, the Autonomous Province of Trento and tsm-Trentino School of Management


The Academy was a training opportunity for young municipal administrators to acquire an open mind-set towards innovation on issues of integrated local development and programming. It also provided a method for the definition of policies in the field of planning and governance of local development through the design of integrated interventions, coherent with the local history and culture of the Trentino Province and funded by resources from European, national, and regional policy frameworks.


  • To offer conceptual tools for developing a strategic vision of local development policy in the evolutionary perspective of global mega trends;
  • To provide a knowledge framework and an integrated approach to place-based development policies;
  • To better understand the architecture of the policies, the institutions and the programmes at provincial, national and EU levels together with the corresponding relevant local development funding opportunities;
  • To learn how to build a team of administrators, stakeholders and partners for the design of enduring local development projects;
  • To learn the ways of building and operating an effective governance for the strategies, the programmes and the projects and how to evaluate outcomes and impacts.

Key Contents

  • History and Culture - The history and culture of the territory, as the key factors in building the long-lasting local development strategies.
  • Global Mega Trends - How international mega trends affect local development and how to act locally with respect to global challenges.
  • Strategy and Vision - Strategic vision and integrated local development policies.
  • Policy framework – Local development policies, from the Trentino perspective, in the National and European framework of the next decade.
  • Alliances and collaboration - How to build a team on the territory, with the territory, between territories.
  • Planning local development – Sustainable tourism as a determining issue; a relevant exemplary case of planning the development of the territory.
  • Governance and development – A focus on how to organise a project-centred governance conducive to outcome and impact evaluation.


A blend of keynote speeches, working group exercises, outdoor training experiences as well as good practices and case studies analysis. 


Participation was limited to max. 25 attendees, young administrators from Trentino municipalities. A quota was reserved for other NE Italian Regions. Admission was subject to a selection process after a call for applications.


Materials & Information


Agenda (also in Italian)

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Casa “Al Convento”
Via dei Cappuccini 1, Terzolas, Val Di Sole, Trento

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OECD Trento Centre: integrated local development




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