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“The first person I would go to in case of problems would be my mother. I have every confidence in her, she has always supported me”


Piter Vega, Lima, Peru


My name is Piter Vega and I am 22 years old. I was born in Abancay, in southern Peru, and I lived there until I finished high school. My mom was a housewife and my dad was a farmer. Now I live in Lima, the capital. I am currently in my last year of political science. I have started my pre-professional internship as it is compulsory to validate my career and get my diploma. It took me a month to find this internship. I work in a municipality, in the area of ​​economic development management. They pay me the minimum wage. My friends from school also do internships and /or work and earn the same as me or they work ad honorem.

I'm happy with the work I do. I like it because I have the opportunity to design and monitor programmes or projects and it is also in line with career. I would like to save some money to enrol in a specialization course, for instance a course on Local Governance, and buy myself a laptop.

My current work is the first stable professional experience (six months). Before I worked for a month at the ONPE (National Office of Electoral Processes in Peru) and for three months as a public speaking professor at the University of San Marcos and in the district of San Juan de Lurigancho. Sometimes, I realize that what I have learned in college is not enough for my job. There have been times when I have had to investigate certain things on my own because I have not learned them at school.

Things are not always easy. For example to get a job or a scholarship is very important to have contacts. Favouritism and intermediation is the norm everywhere. But I'm not discouraged. I know that I have the support of my family, and that my mother will always be there for me. She has always supported me, even financially.

I am very optimistic about my future. I see great progress in my life. I am motivated by the effort my mother made for me. And I am also willing to give my best. For example, I already made many sacrifices by coming to Lima, entering into college and finding my current job.


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