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 The 2008 Latin American Economic Outlook Report


  What are Latin America’s most important economic challenges in a globalized world? Which policies should be implemented in order to maximize the opportunities offered in the current global context? The Latin American Economic Outlook 2008 (LEO), the first volume in an annual series by the OECD Development Centre, provides recommendations in four key areas for Latin America’s development: fiscal policy, pension reform, private investments in telecommunications, and the impact of Asia’s emerging economies. LEO 2008 was launched by OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría in Santiago de Chile on 7 November. The report was presented in Madrid, Lisbon, Paris, Washington and Brussels during November-December 2007.

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17 March 2008The Latin American Waltz
Javier Santiso on changes in Latin America's economies in The Globalist

11 March 2008Higher ground for Latin American Multinationals
Javier Santiso on Latin American multinationals in the Financial Times


05 March 2008Argentina: A lesson on humility
Javier Santiso interviewed by La Nación (in Spanish)


29 February 2008Telecommunications Gap in Latin America
Juan Ramón de Laiglesia on telecommunications and development (in Spanish)


12 February 2008Spain: A business hub for emerging multinationals?

Javier Santiso on Spain as a bridge for Europe-Latin America relations (in Spanish)


11 February 2008OECD countries can learn a lot from Chile
Javier Santiso interviewed by Diario Financiero (in Spanish)

4 February 2008 - Javier Santiso appointed Director of the OECD Development Centre
The new director has been a driving force behind the Centre's work on Latin America

29 January 2008 - Chile's export diversitification: a good bet against global uncertainty
Chile's Finance Minister Velasco participates in Development Centre breakfast

28 January 2008 - Presentation at the Central Bank of Spain, Madrid
Javier Santiso met the Governor and and delivered a lecture on investment

23 January 2008 -
 LEO at the World Economic Forum, Davos
Angel Gurría and Javier Santiso spoke about Latin America at Davos




The Visible Hand of China in Latin America

April 2007

150 Pages 

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This book studies the impact that the astonishing growth and internationalisation of the Chinese economy is having on Latin American countries. From the first time in history Latin America can benifit from three major engines of world growth: the United States, Europe, and the emerging Asian dragon.


The Visible Hand of China in Latin America focuses on the opportunities and challenges the region faces as Chinese importance in the world economy continues to increase. The different chapters analyse China’s trade impact in Latin American emerging markets, the competition between Latin American and Chinese exports to the US market, and the growing flows of China’s foreign direct investment to Latin America.


Informality in Latin America 

Informality in Latin America can be seen from two standpoints: exclusion from state benefits and voluntary exit as a result of cost analysis.
Paris, July 2, 2007



Democratic Governance in Mexico

Certain sociopolitical obstacles need to be addressed in order to improve Mexico's democratic governance and accountability.
Paris, June 20, 2007

Banking on Democracy: International Private Bank Lending in Emerging Markets 

International banks have political preferences. Their flows tend to boom to democratic countries.

• Short of time? Click here for a shorter Policy Insight: El banquero demócrata (PDF, French)

The Usual Suspects: Investment Banks' Recommendations and Emerging Markets

In 9 out of every 10 cases, banks give positive recommendations of the bonds they manage.

• Short of time? Click here for a shorter Policy Insight: In Search of a Better World (PDF, French)


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