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Latin America: better able to cope with global financial turmoil?

Most Latin American economies are less vulnerable today to a downturn in global markets than in the past: robust internal demand buffers external shocks, as private consumption and private investment are key drivers of economic growth. Credible monetary and fiscal policies, coupled with good public debt management, have substantially reduced inflation rates and fiscal deficits, making Latin American economies more resilient in the face of global crises.


Sovereign debt in Latin America (% of GDP)

Learn more about the impact of the subprime crisis in Latin America.

Like a rolling stone: LEO in Brazil, USA and China

The Latin American Economic Outlook road trip continues. The report began March in Brazil, with presentations in Brasilia (hosted by the Banco Central do Brazil) and Rio de Janeiro (at the Institute of International Finance). Then, LEO travelled to San Diego (University of California SD Pacific Conference on Development Economics) and Beijing, where it was presented at a seminar organised by the Chinese Institute of Latin American Studies. Next stop: Cancún and the World Economic Forum on Latin America.
Learn more about other LEO presentations.

Budget practices in Latin America: What role for the OECD?

Latin American budget practitioners can learn a lot by sharing experiences. The Budgeting and Public Expenditures Division at OECD’s Public Governance Directorate has several projects on Latin America, including a Latin American Network of Senior Budget Officials which meets annually. This division, in co-operation with the Mexican government, the WB and the IADB is organising an international conference on performance budgeting in Mexico, on 9-10th June 2008. It is also researching the relationship between budgetary institutional arrangements and fiscal performance by comparing the experiences of OECD and Latin American countries.
Learn more about OECD’s Budgeting and Public Expenditures Division

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Sovereign Development Funds

Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWFs) could become major actors of development finance if they chose to allocate 10 per cent of their portfolio to emerging and developing economies over the next decade, generating inflows greater than all OECD countries’ development aid put together. (more...)

Latin American Economic Outlook 2008

What are Latin America’s most important economic challenges in a globalised world? The Latin American Economic Outlook 2008 (LEO), the first in an annual series produced by the OECD Development Centre, provides recommendations in four key areas for Latin America’s development: fiscal policy, pension reform, private investments in telecommunications, and the impact of Asia’s emerging economies.
Read more about the Latin American Economic Outlook 2008
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The Visible Hand of China in Latin America

This ground-breaking book edited by Javier Santiso explores the opportunities and challenges Latin America faces as Chinese importance in the world economy continues to grow. Essential reading for those interested in learning how Chinese exports, imports and investments are changing the face of Latin America’s trade.
Read more about The Visible Hand of China in Latin America
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America Latina mejora, pero no es suficiente
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Brecha en Telecomunicaciones en América Latina
El Economista (Mexico)

Argentina nos enseña a ser más humildes
La Nación (Argentina)

Higher Ground
Financial Times (UK)

Mexico no reducirá su flujo migratorio
Excelsior (Mexico)

The Latin American Waltz
The Globalist (USA)

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OECD’s Development Centre attracts new members
Four new countries have joined or rejoined the Organisation’s Development Centre. The Arab Republic of Egypt, Israel, and Vietnam, took their seats officially at the Centre’s Governing Board meeting on 18 March and former member Poland has renewed its membership.
Wikigender: a new "Wiki" to promote Gender equity
On the occasion of International Women's Day, the OECD Development Centre launched a new interactive website, Wikigender (, to share and exchange information on gender equality issues.

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