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January-February 2008


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Rome: 13 Feb. 2008
Brasilia, 4 March 2008
Rio, 6 March 2008
Bern, 11 March 2008
San Diego, 15 March 2008

3-5 March
Second OECD Global Forum on Education
Santo Domingo. Website.


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OECD's Fresh Look at Latin America Gets Positive Welcome

Following its worldwide presentation in Santiago de Chile, November and December saw the Latin American Economic Outlook 2008 travel to many OECD capitals, where it was the object of presentations and many discussions around its main topics. Beyond the extensive media coverage attracted, policy dialogue events held in Madrid, Lisbon, Paris,


The Latin American Economic Outlook 2008
OECD Development Centre

Washington, Miami, Brussels and Hong Kong symbolise the report’s commitment to stir debate and stimulate the exchange of ideas on Latin America’s most pressing development challenges.
Ministers, Secretary Generals of International Organisations and leading scholars show that Latin America matters in OECD capitals. Rome, Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro and Bern will be the next stops in this fascinating trip.

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Chilean Minister Andrés Velasco Visits OECD

Finance Minister Andrés Velasco visited Paris to advance the agenda of negotiations towards Chile’s accession to the OECD. After meeting with OECD Secretary General Angel Gurría, the Minister participated in a breakfast meeting with top investors and leading officials of European and Asian companies investing in Latin America. Velasco provided a general overview of recent developments in the Chilean economy and its future prospects, highlighting that counter-cyclical fiscal and monetary policies, falling public debt and solid institutional framework have made Chile’s economy more resilient than ever before.(more...)

Recent publications Top

Has pension reform failed Latin America?

Although it has helped deepen capital markets, pension reform in most Latin American countries shows mixed results in terms of increasing national savings to the expected levels. However, pension funds have a still untapped potential. (more...)

Telecommunications in Latin America: Can multinationals fill the gaps?

Investments in telecommunication in Latin America since the early 1990s are greater than those in the rest of the developing world combined. However, the connectivity gap between rich and poor remains wide. Further competition could help solve the problem. (more...)

Latin America’s Asian Opportunity

While growing trade with China and India offers new export opportunities, Latin American economies should avoid excessive concentration on a few export commodities. More investment in infrastructure and innovation are needed. (more...)

Does taxation rhyme with democracy?

Taxes and transfers have a limited impact on reducing inequality in Latin America. Fiscal reforms aimed at collecting more and spending better and fairer would enhance fiscal legitimacy and foster democratic consolidation throughout the region. (more...)

In the Media Top

OCDE: Hay más de 200 millones de pobres en América Latina El Universal (Mexico)

OECD says Latin America not threatened by competition from China, India exports Forbes (USA)

OCDE evaluó política fiscal y sistema de pensiones La Nación (Chile)

La OCDE avisa de que la pobreza pone en riesgo la democracia El País (Spain)

Latinoamérica 2008: más crecimiento BBC World (UK)

Reforma y mejora fiscal: Una clave para la consolidación democrática en América Latina Georgetown GCG (U.S.A.)

At the Development Centre Top

Javier Santiso appointed Director
Franco-Spanish economist Javier Santiso has been appointed Director of OECD’s Development Centre, two years after joining the Centre as its Deputy Director and Chief Development Economist. (more…)
Informal Employment Re-loaded
Informal employment is back on the research and policy agenda. This working paper discusses the diverse forms of informal employment, focussing on incentives and constraints determining labour market outcomes. (more…)

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