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7 November

Launch of the Latin American Economic Outlook 2008. Santiago, Chile. Contact - Website.


25 October

Presentation of “The Visible Hand of China In Latin America”.
Barcelona, Spain. Website - Book.

Past events

20 September

5th Annual Meeting of the Latin American Competition Forum.
Puebla, Mexico. Website.

20-21 September

II Conference Spain-Iberoamerica on Corporate Social Responsibility.
Madrid, Spain. Website.

2 July

Informality in Latin America.
Paris, France. Website.


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Investments in telecommunications:
A motor for Latin America’s development

Foreign direct investment has helped bring about a rapid growth in telecommunications connectivity throughout Latin America. Among other topics, the forthcoming Latin American Economic Outlook 2008 explores how high levels of FDI in telecommunications by OECD-based and Latin American multinationals have led to a surge in access to phone services. Telecommunications companies are driving development by extending their coverage and providing access to broader segments of the population.

Read more in the Latin American Economic Outlook 2008.


Source: Development Centre, ITU, World Bank

OECD Development Centre's Acting Director welcomes Peru’s economic growth

During a visit to Peru on 17-18 July, Javier Santiso, the Centre’s Acting Director, observed that the current administration was setting appropriate conditions for Peru's economic growth. (more...)

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Ulysses, the Sirens and the Art of Navigation: Political and Technical Rationality in Latin America

What is the relationship between experts and politicians in Latin America? This Working Paper outlines the distinctive features of the political economy of expertise in Latin America, maps think tanks producing applied knowledge on economic policies in the region, and shows the importance of these cognitive institutions in providing higher deliberative quality in the public space and strengthening democratic governance. (more...)

Short of time?
Democracy in (Latin) America(pdf / Spanish Version)

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China sucede a EEUU y Europa como gran socio comercial e inversor en Latinoamérica
(Expansión, Spain)


La Chine et l’Inde en Amérique Latine et en Afrique: du réalisme magique ?
(Monde Chinois, France)

El Nuevo Mundo
(América Economía, Chile)
Accelerated Internationalization of Emerging Multinationals
(Bancomext, Mexico)
Can China change Latin America?
(OECD Observer, France)
Las multinacionales de los países emergentes
(Foreign Affairs en Español, Mexico)
At the Development Centre Top

Gaining from Migration: Towards a new mobility system
This publication, presented at the EU Ministerial Conference on Migration (Lisbon, 13-14 September 2007), illustrates the joint impact of four policies on growth and poverty reduction: aid, trade, migration and foreign investment. (more…)
Ownership in Practice (Paris, 27-28 September 2007)
This Informal Workshop examined what the principle of "ownership" looks like in practice, both within developing countries ("democratic ownership") and in the relationship between developing countries and donors. (more…)

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