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July-August 2007

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The first OECD Latin American Economic Outlook (LEO) will be published in November 2007. This LEO News bulletin keeps you up to date on the Development Centre's publications and events on Latin America.


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2 July

Informality in Latin America. Paris, France.
Contact - Website.

6 November

Launch of the Latin American Economic Outlook. Santiago, Chile.
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Past events

20 June

Governance in Mexico. OECD. Paris, France. Website.

12 June

Investment Banks and Emerging Markets.
Banque de France. Paris, France.

14 June

Business for Development in Latin America. Instituto de Comercio Exterior. Sevilla, Spain. Website.


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China, a third trade pillar for Latin America

Until recently, Latin America counted on two major trade partners: the United States and Europe. The emergence of Asia, and in particular China, has the potential to act as a third engine of growth for the region. Our new book The Visible Hand of China in Latin America explores the opportunities and challenges Latin America faces as Chinese importance in the world economy continues to grow.

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China - Latam - Growth


In 2005, Latin American trade with China was 20 times higher than in the early 1990s.


Chile and Brazil, closer to OECD membership

On 16 May, the OECD Council, chaired by Spain, agreed to invite Chile to open discussions for membership of the Organisation. Brazil, another member of the OECD Development Centre, was also offered enhanced engagement with the OECD, with a view to possible membership in the near future. (more ...)

Recent publications Top

Banking on Democracy: The Political Economy of International Private Bank Lending in Emerging Markets

International banks have political preferences. This Working Paper shows how bank lending correlates positively with levels of democratisation, and how bank flows increase in the three years following a democratic transition. (more...)

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El banquero demócrata (pdf / French version)

The Usual Suspects: A Primer on Investment Banks' Recommendations and Emerging Markets
Using a unique database, this Working Paper concludes that, in 9 out of every 10 cases, banks recommend bonds when they are the lead managers. These recommendations are significant in predicting portfolio capital flows. (more...)

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In Search of a Better World (pdf / French version)

In the Media Top


Ajuda Chinesa à America Latina?
(Valor Economico, Brazil).


La Transformación Empresarial de España (Política Exterior, Spain).

Las inversiones en y desde América Latina (Expansión, Spain). India y Brasil: El Elefante y el Tucán (Economía Exterior, Spain).
La Bolsa y la Vida (América Economía, Chile). Ángel o Demonio: Los efectos del comercio chino en los países de América Latina (ECLAC Review, Chile).
At the Development Centre Top

Financing Development: Aid and Beyond (2007)

This highly stimulating book takes a deep look at the "architecture" of international development finance. It highlights the emergence of new actors and fresh sources of finance. (more. ..)

Business for Development: Fostering the Private Sector (2007)

Our new book on "Business for Development" provides fresh thinking on how public and private actors can work together and play a stronger role in development. (more. ..)

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