Latin America and the Caribbean

Presentation of the Latin American Economic Outlook 2008 in Cancún - 15, April 2008


The Latin American Economic Outlook 2008 was presented at the World Economic Forum on Latin America in Cancún. This session, chaired by the Director of the OECD Development Center, Javier Santiso, commented on the challenges Latin American policymakers confront in carrying out necessary reforms. Discussants did not only discuss the four topics covered by the report, but they also shared their experience in terms of implementing reform and moving from theory into practice.


The presentation took place last 15, April, 11.00-12.00. Participants included OECD Development Centre Director, Javier Santiso, Harvard Professor Ricardo Hausmann, and Foreign Policy Magazine Editor-in-Chief, Moisés Naim.


Download the agenda of this session (pdf)
Read a pre-WEF interview with Javier Santiso on China and Latin America 


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