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November-December 2007


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Latin America's richest households receive twice as much social spending as its poorest.

Publication of LEO

7 November

Launch of the Latin American Economic Outlook 2008. Santiago, Chile. Contact - Website.


Flagship Publication

Madrid: 26 Nov. 2007
Lisbon, 27 Nov. 2007
Paris, 29 Nov. 2007
Brussels, 13 Dec. 2007

Past events

20-21 September

II Conference Spain-Iberoamerica on Corporate Social Responsibility.
Madrid, Spain. Website.


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Latin American Economic Outlook 2008 highlights Development Opportunities for the Region

The OECD presented on November 7th in Santiago de Chile its first Latin American Economic Outlook, a new annual publication analysing the main challenges and opportunities for development in the region. Hosted by ECLAC , the event gathered relevant policy makers and academics, including OECD Secretary General Angel Gurría, ECLAC Executive Secretary José Luis Machinea, Iberoamerican Secretariat head and former IADB president Enrique Iglesias, and OAS Secretary General José Miguel Insulza.   The Latin American Economic Outlook 2008 covers four topics ranging from fiscal policy and pension reform to telecommunication investments and the impact of growing trade with the Asian giants. One of its main messages is that Latin American governments must improve fiscal policy by collecting better and making public expenditure more effective and fairer, as low levels of fiscal legitimacy hamper democratic support. The report will be the focus of forthcoming seminars in Madrid, Paris, Lisbon, Brussels and other world capitals.

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The Latin American Economic Outlook 2008
OECD Development Centre

 Main findings on research on fiscal policy presented at Latin American Forum in Barcelona

The role of adequate fiscal policy and the importance of better and fairer public expenditure at strengthening democratic legitimacy was highlighted by members of the Latin American Economic Outlook team at the a high level meeting on Latin America's development in Barcelona.(more...)

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The Visible Hand of China in Latin America

What’s the real commercial impact of China in latin America? This groundbreaking book edited by Javier Santiso explores the opportunities and challenges that the region faces as Chinese importance in the world economy continues to grow. A fundamental purchase for those interested in learning how Chinese exports, imports and investments are changing the face of Latin America’s trade. (more...)

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 La OCDE y América Latina (El Economista, Mexico)

Murallas Chinas (América Economía, Chile)

Au Pérou, les succès d'une politique économique pragmatique (Le Monde, France)

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Public-Private Dialogue in Developping Countries
Building a successful Public-Private dialogue requires much more than legal procedures and administrative structures. Dialogue and compromise are necessary for governments to learn about the private sector's problems and adjust policies to foster its growth and development. This study addresses the obstacles to efficient PPD in low-income countries. (more…)
How Social Norms Help or Hinder Development?
Informal institutions, such as family and kinship structures, traditions, and social norms, have largely been overlooked in the international development debate. This remarkable book reflects the views and experiences of policy makers and experts in their search to make informal institutions an instrument for achieving development objectives. (more…)

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