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OECD-Russia co-operation in the field of international investment


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Investment Policy Reviews of the Russian Federation 

2008 Investment Policy Review

  • Recent Trends in International Investment in Russia
  • Russia’s Strategic Sectors and Corporations
  • Russia’s Policy Framework for Energy Investment
  • Responsible Business Conduct in Russia


OECD Investment Policy Reviews: Russian Federation - Enhancing Policy Transparency

  • Russia’s International Investment Trends and Policies: A Comparative Perspective
  • Russia’s Investment Policy Transparancy: Views of Foreign Investors
  • Investment Policy Implementation: A Regional Dimension
  • Forthcoming Legislation on Strategic Sectors
  • Russia’s International Investment Agreements: An Overview
  • Russia’s Capital Control Reform


OECD Investment Policy Reviews: Russian Federation - Progress and Reform Challenges

  • Progress and Prospects
  • The Pattern of Russia’s FDI Inflows
  • Progress Since the 2001 OECD Study: Selected Areas
  • Addressing Remaining Non-discreminatory Barriers to Investment
  • Relaxing Discriminatory Restrictions on Foreign Direct Investment




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