Investment for development

Global Forum on International Investment: Investment for Development - Forging Partnerships


20-21 October 2004, New Delhi, India

The 2004 annual conference of the OECD Global Forum on International Investment (GFII) along with a series of associated events took place in New Delhi, India, on 19-21 October 2004. The events were hosted by the Government of India and supported by the Confederation of Indian Industry.

The GFII examined the role of international co-operation in enhancing the business environment and maximising the benefits of investment in developing countries. The three main areas of focus were:

  • The OECD initiative on a Policy Framework for Investment as an operational tool to promote investment for development
  • Maximising official development assistance – synergies for development
  • Promoting corporate responsibility – defining the roles of government and business.

Organised in conjunction with the GFII, the first OECD-India Investment Roundtable focused on "Opportunities and Policy Challenges for Investment in India". The Roundtable provided an opportunity for policymakers and business representatives from OECD member countries, India and other non-member countries to discuss, inter alia:

  • India’s investment policies: progress and future directions
  • Sectoral FDI policies: the case of infrastructure and public utilities
  • The road ahead: investment partnership with India.

Also associated with the GFII, a Regional Workshop on Strategic Marketing for Investment was held by the WAIPA and sponsored by IBM Business Consulting Services.

Conference documentation

  • Draft agendas for the GFII and the OECD-India Investment Roundtable
  • Opening Remarks, Richard Hecklinger, OECD Deputy Secretary-General
  • Joint India-OECD announcement

Session 1: OECD Initiative on a Policy Framework for Investment - An Operational Tool to Promote Investment for Development

Session 2: Harnessing the Potential of ODA - Investment Synergies for Development

Session 3: Promoting Corporate Responsibility - Defining the Roles of Government and Business

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