Funded and private pensions

Institutional investors and long-term investment project research


This page provides access to data collected and policy research conducted within the framework of the
OECD project on institutional investors and long-term investment.




Survey of Large Pension Funds and Public Pension Reserve Funds

April 2018

G20/OECD/WB Stocktake of Tools and Instruments Related to Infrastructure as an Asset Class – Progress Report

  March 2018

Breaking silos: actions to develop infrastructure as an asset class and address the information gap
December 2017

Selected good practices for risk allocation and mitigation in infrastructure in APEC economies
October 2017

Investing in Climate, Investing in Growth


May 2017

G20-OECD Guidance Note on Diversification of Financial Instruments for Infrastructure and SMEs

Support Note |


July 2016

Fragmentation in clean energy investment and financing


Jun 2016

G20-OECD Report on G20 Investment Strategies

Volume I | Volume II | Highlights


Nov 2015

OECD/Euromoney Conference on Long-term Investment Financing - Conference Report


Nov 2015

A taxonomy of instruments and incentives for infrastructure financing


Sept 2015

Addressing Data Gaps in Long-term Investment: An agenda for research


Sept 2015

Capital market instruments to mobilize institutional investors to infrastructure and SME financing in Emerging Market Economies


Sept 2015

Risk and Return Characteristics of Infrastructure Investment in Low-income Countries


Sept 2015

G20/OECD Draft Report on Investment Strategies


Sept 2015

Summary Report on Effective Approaches to support implementation of the G20/OECD High-level Principles on Long-term Investment Financing by Institutional Investors


Sept 2015

G20-OECD High-level Roundtable on Institutional Investors and Long-term Investment - Summary Record

May 2015

Updated Report on G20/OECD Checklist on Long-term Investment Financing Strategies and Institutional Investors


April 2015

OECD/Euromoney Roundtable on Long-term Investment Policy

November 2014

Private Financing and Government Support to Promote Long-term Investments in Infrastructure

September 2014

G20-OECD High-level roundtable on institutional investors and long-term investment - Summary Record

June 2014

Project Report: OECD Institutional Investors and Long-term Investment Project


May 2014

Pooling of institutional investors capital – Selected case studies in unlisted equity infrastructure

April 2014

Institutional investors as owners: Who are they and what do they do?


Dec 2013

Institutional Investors and Infrastructure Financing


Nov 2013

Institutional investors and green infrastructure investments: Selected case studies

Oct 2013

Policy Guidance for Investment in Clean Energy Infrastructure

August 2013

Pension Fund Investment in Infrastructure: A Comparison between Australia and Canada
July 2013

OECD-Euromoney Infrastructure Summit - summary record

OECD-Euromoney Infrastructure Summit "Investment Opportunities and Financing Solutions for Investors" was held on 29 May 2013 in Paris.

May 2013

G20-OECD High-level roundtable on institutional investors and long-term investment - summary record

May 2013

Long-term investment, the cost of capital and the dividend and buyback puzzle

May 2013

The Role of Banks, Equity Markets and Institutional Investors in Long-Term Financing for Growth and Development - Report for G20 Leaders

This report was presented at the meeting of G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors on 15-16 February 2013 in Moscow. At this meeting, G20 leaders agreed to establish a Study Group on Financing for Investment with the co-operation of international organisations. The findings of this report will contribute to the work of the Study Group.

Feb 2013

The effect of solvency regulations and accounting standards on long-term investing: Implications for insurers and pension funds

Dec 2012

Trends in large pension fund investment in infrastructure

Dec 2012

Global imbalances and the development of capital flows among Asian countries

Oct 2012

Infrastructure investment in new markets: Challenges and opportunities for pension funds
Oct 2012

The role of institutional investors in financing clean energy
Sept 2012

Defining and measuring green investment
Sept 2012

G20/OECD policy note on pension fund financing for green infrastructure and initiatives

June 2012

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