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OECD Blockchain Policy Forum 2018


 4-5 September 2018  OECD, Paris

Distributed Ledgers: Opportunities and Challenges

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Opening remarks by Angel Gurría




Blockchain has the potential to transform the functioning of a wide range of industries. Its features can increase transparency and traceability, facilitate market access and improve the efficiency of transactions. Fulfilling blockchain’s potential, however, depends on the integrity of the processes and requires adequate policies and measures to unleash this potential while addressing the risks of misuse. Governments and the international community will play a significant role in shaping policy and regulatory frameworks that are aligned with the emerging challenges and foster transparent, fair and stable markets as a basis for the use of blockchain.


The OECD Blockchain Policy Forum was the first major international conference to take stock of blockchain’s impacts across the full range of government activities and public priorities. The forum addressed the benefits and risks of blockchain for our economies and societies, begin to identify good policy and regulatory approaches, and investigate uses in specific policy areas. The OECD welcomed over 1,150 senior decision-makers from the public and private sectors, experts, academics and other stakeholders for these landmark discussions. Participants focused on:

  • Blockchain’s potential global economic impact
  • Implications on privacy and cybersecurity
  • Using blockchain to enhance inclusiveness
  • Using blockchain to promote green growth and sustainability
  • Using blockchain to strengthen governance and enforcement practices




The Blockchain Revolution Podcast

In Part 1 of a two-part podcast series, the OECD's Greg Medcraft discusses blockchain, starting with the basics of this revolutionary technology

Part 2 of a two-part podcast series, with the OECD's Greg Medcraft 



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