List of OECD competition workshops and conferences


This page contains links to key workshops and conferences organised by the OECD competition division on a variety of topics in addition to the OECD Competition week of meetings and the workshops held by the regional competition centres. For these, please access the calendar of events.


4th Joint ESCWA-UNCTAD-OECD MENA Competition Forum (Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 23-27 May 2023)

Workshop on Applying Behavioural Insights to Consumer and Competition Policy (Paris, 14 April 2023)

Online workshop on Pro-competition regulatory reforms: design, assessment, and impact using the OECD Product Market Regulation indicators (Paris, 27 March 2023)

Workshop on Competition in Digital Markets: Recent Enforcement and New Regulations (Paris, 24 February 2023)

OECD Competition Open Day (Paris, 23 February 2023)

Workshop on Procedural Safeguards in Competition Cases (Paris, 22 February 2023)

High-Level Symposium on Pro-Competitive Policies for a Sustainable Economy (Paris, 23 January 2023)



OECD-CCL Workshop on Hub-and-Spoke Cartels (Riga, 11-12 May 2022)

OECD Competition Open Day (23 February 2022 - Virtual event)



Workshop on Legal Models for International Enforcement Co-operation (28 October 2021 - Virtual event)

Workshop on methodologies to measure market competition (23 February 2021 - Virtual event)

OECD Competition Open Day (24 February 2021 - Virtual event)



Middle East North Africa Competition Forum (23-24 January, Beiruth, Lebanon)

2020 OECD Competition Open Day (26 February, Paris)

Workshop on Vertical Mergers and Vertical Restraints (25 February, Paris)

OECD-CCL Workshop on Hub-and-Spoke Cartels (23-24 April, Riga, Latvia)



OECD-AGCM workshop on Abuse of Dominance (10-11 October, Rome)

OECD-COFECE Workshop on Effective Cartel Detection and Prosecution (26-27 June, Mexico City)

Conference on Competition and the Digital Economy (3 June, Paris)

Workshop on Competition in Publicly-Funded Markets (28 February, Paris)

2019 OECD Competition Open Day (27 February, Paris)

Workshop on Recent Challenges in Competition and IP in Pharmaceutical Markets (26 February, Paris)



OECD-BWB Workshop on Complex Cartel Case Management (6-7 December, Vienna) 

Workshop on regulation and competition in light of digitalisation  (31 January, Paris)

Workshop on cartel screening in the digital era  (30 January, Paris) 



Workshop on market studies selection and prioritisation of sectors and industries (9 March, Paris) 



OECD Workshops on ex-post evaluation of enforcement decisions by competition authorities (19 April 2016 and 22 April 2015) 



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