OECD Competition Assessment Reviews: Tunisia




Publication date: 18 September 2019

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The Tunisian economy has been resilient in the last few years but the extensive regulation in the country – compared to many OECD countries – prevents it from reaching its full potential.

In 2018-2019, the OECD teamed up with the Government of Tunisia and the Millennium Challenge Corporation to review the laws and regulations in two sectors of the economy (freight transport and retail and wholesale trade) to identify those that may restrict competition. The aim was to provide recommendations to increase consumer’s welfare and foster economic growth.

The report makes 220 recommendations for change on specific legal provisions that should be abolished or amended. If implemented, the recommendations could bring a positive effect for the economy ranging between TND 574.6 million and TND 645.8 million. 


About the project

In 2018, a project to review two key sectors of the Tunisia economy was launched. Making use of the methodology in the OECD Competition Assessment Toolkit, about 250 pieces of legislation were analysed in order to assess costs and benefits of regulations restricting competition in the sectors of trade and freight transport.


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