Fostering Competition in Singapore


Singapore is a global leader in logistics. In 2018, Singapore ranked 7 out of 160 countries in the latest Logistics Performance Index (LPI) and scored extremely close to the top global and regional performers. It is one of the main global trading hubs and has one of the most developed warehousing markets in the world. Keeping the lead is therefore essential.

Fostering competition in ASEAN is a project that reviews regulatory constraints on competition in the logistics sector in all ten ASEAN member countries to identify regulations that hinder the efficient functioning of markets and create an unlevel playing field for businesses. 

It comprises two parallel components: competition assessment reviews of specific logistics sub-sectors and competitive neutrality reviews of small-package delivery services. The project is undertaken in partnership with ASEAN and funded by the ASEAN Economic Reform Programme under the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (UK Government).

As a result of the project two reports, a competition assessment and a competitive neutrality assessment will be issued for each ASEAN member state.  


A competition assessment of the logistics sector and a competitive neutrality review of small-package delivery services were virtually launched in co-operation with the Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore  on 4 June 2021.

ASEAN CA Singapore

OECD Competition Assessment Reviews:
Logistics sector in Singapore

Download: Report l Highlights

ASEAN SOE Singapore 2021

OECD Competitive Neutrality Reviews:
Small-package delivery services in Singapore

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Fostering competition in ASEAN

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