Development Co-operation Report

For 60 years, the Development Co-operation Report has brought new evidence, analysis and ideas to the Development Assistance Committee (DAC) and the international community more broadly, shaping policy reform, behaviour change and promoting best practices in development co-operation. The report analyses fresh policy issues that are timely, relevant or challenging for development co-operation policy and finance. In addition, the Development Co-operation Profiles detail aggregate and individual trends in policies, allocations and institutional set-up for a broad range of providers, including members of the OECD and its Development Assistance Committee (DAC), other countries and philanthropic foundations.



Development Co-operation Profiles

The Development Co-operation Profiles are an integral component of the Report, serving to increase awareness and transparency of official development finance flows. The Profiles provide users with updates on development co-operation priorities, good practices, and challenges identified in DAC peer reviews. They also offer an objective overview of how development assistance is spent by 32 DAC members, 29 other official providers (reporting CRS data, TOSSD, and estimates), and 39 private foundations.

How to use the profiles: Click on each development co-operation provider name to see its individual profile presenting the most recent data and information on policies and spending. Learn how to get the most out of the Profiles with our how to use video